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Regular Updates

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  • December 14, 2015 at 9:10 am

    Not only do corporations pay less taxes by moving abroad, often their projects are financed at a lower rate than investments here at home and insured by AIG or other insurance funds that are government supported or bailed out when losses accumulate. In essence, our tax dollars are paving the way for the race to the bottom. As Democrats, we must stop throwing money at rich greedy republicans. The real kicker is we have to hear the republicans whine about how we are giving them with our government spending shortfalls. Our entire tax income runs between 18 23% of GDP. The very poor pay (or paid) over 15% of their entire income as social security. If everyone paid 15% of their entire income (100% of GDP) all other taxes (corporate, tariffs, fees, and incremental income taxes) would only have to add up to 3 8%. Our current tax structure is stealing food, hope, and future from the poor and middle class to finance greed.Whether you come from a spending point of few or a revenue point of view, the reason American is falling is because Democrats are not standing up to fight greedy republicans.

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